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Bookkeeping Services for small businesses

Business owners find Bookkeeping as one of the most frustrating aspects of the business having to handle.

Looking for bookkeeping services because it’s stressing you out? We do agree that for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, construction companies bookkeeping can prove to be challenging and frustrating task.

However, the task itself isn’t as complex.  You can easily master the art by gaining a good understanding of the basic principles of bookkeeping for small business.  A good bookkeeper will guide you through it if you need a guidance or you can contact us.

Here are the key fundamentals of bookkeeping that small business owners cannot afford to miss out so we are here to assist:

  • As your bookkeepers we help achieve small business owner streamline and simplfy all your bookkeeping and accounting processes.
  • We also work as your internal accountant to get all your systems in place
  • Daily, weekly or monthly processing of your accounts in your system
  • Reconciliation of debtors (accounts receivable) – sales invoices, statements, receipts
  • Reconciliation of creditors (accounts payable) – entry of invoices, statements, queries & creditor payments
  • Budgeting and forecasting – assistance with the preparation, reporting and review of budgets
  • Credit Control is a critical activity for many small business owners – we will actively pursue outstanding invoices owed by your customers
  • If you need GST and FBT returns completed we will do the BAS returns on time with accuracy to meet business obligations and also your FBT returns to be completed by 31st March each year
  • Business decisions should be made on accurate fortnightly/monthly reports so we can include in your review P&L, balance sheet, aged debtors & creditors to track your business
  • Life line of the small business owner is cash so we will monitor your cash flow tracking and report on a weekly basis
  • Book a call to discover what you can achieve


Accounts Receivable.

If you sell products/services but don’t receive the money right away, the cash falls into accounts receivable category. This means, your client has to pay your dues for using your products/services. It is highly important to track your accounts receivable and keep updating it to be aware about your dues.  Call us to find out if it’s time for bookkeeping services.

Accounts Payable.

You can pay bills timely if your small business accounting is accurate and concise.  However, if your bookkeeping is not up to date or your bookkeeper is not providing you with what you achive this may be tough to keep on top of things.  Our bookkeeping services can help you avoid overpaying or mistakenly repaying an already paid amount/bill. Updated information about accounts payable helps you stay on top of your game while making payments early often results in winning certain discounts that ultimately aid your business.


Unsold products are directly proportional to unearned capital. When there are products sitting on the shelf, it becomes all the more important to keep track of, manage and account for your inventory needs. Inventory management, basically, involves noting down a physical count of the entire inventory at hand.

Payroll Expenses.

Whether the business is large or small, payroll expenses prove to be the most impactful expenditure. Therefore, you must keep your financial statements and records accurate, well-documented and regularly updated in accordance with the government’s reporting requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is your record keeping? Are you tired of your bookkeeper leaving you when you need most?

If you answer is yes then we are here to help with fixed bookkeeping rates that will give you no surprises.  Call us to find out where you can improve your business imminently.

Why is my back log still not going down even after paying the bookkeeper for several weeks of work?

Cost usually does not reflect the quality of the work.  We are professionally trained professionals who can help you with fixed price bookkeeping packages.  So your business does not suffer from ongoing billing.

Why can't I get the financial information when I need it?

Our service guarantee that your books always up to date.  One of the advantages of having your books on the cloud is that we can bring your books up to date almost instantly when your transactions go through.  This way your accounts are always up to date.

This is our guarantee to you when you use our service that your books are up to date and you can use your financials at any time.

I am tired of paying employee expenses, workers compensation and reconciling sick leave and annual leave. Can you help?

This is the question we often get from our clients.  We can offer you an accounting package which includes all your payroll requirments.

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