Monthly reporting

Do you know what numbers you should be looking at every month to keep on top of your small business. Bookkeeping is not just numbers.
  • P&L

  • Profit and loss statement for where you are generating money and where you are spending.
  • For instance, if you are spending too much on wages or advertising this report will highlight. You can really pin it down to your own budget to see where you are leaking your costs.
  • You should look at profit and loss at least on a monthly basis and we will work with you what those numbers mean
  • Balance sheet

  • Balance sheet in a nutshell will provide the business owner with a snapshot of how much you have in your bank account,
  • how much customers are owing to you and how much you owe to other.
  • Ageing customer report

  • this report will provide you with who is owing you so you can chase your customers to bring in your cash to be on top of your business
  • Customer revenue report

  • Any business will need to know who is the most paying customer. When you have a dozen customer it’s easy to track but the customer spending is always good to track so you know which product and services or combination is working for your business at best
  • Vendor Report or Accounts Payable report

Frequently asked questions

Can you help create monthly financial reports?

Absolutely.  Usually the steps of doing monthly reporting starts from entering sales and purchase invoices, reconciling bank accounts then entering accrual/prepayment journals to make adjustments for the month. 

What are month end financial reports?

The month end reports usually are income statement or profit and loss, balance sheet and a cash flow statement.  However, part of our service we go beyond the means of the traditional accounting.  We can give you a full month end reporting packages plus we can analyse on your website where the source of your income is coming from so you can scale up if you are a business with website sales.

What are the five most important financial reports for a small business?

Some of the most commonly used financial reports are;

Profit and loss

Balance Sheet

Accounts Receivable ageing or Debtor

Revenue by Customer


Are you able to combine our bookkeeping services and admin/marketing tasks?

We are not just traditional bookkeepers.  We can take on what a lot of small business owners face on day to day life with admin and marketing tasks.  To find out why not have a chat with us by booking a discovery call.

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