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Accounting and Buiness Systems can make or break your small business.

Are you using Xero and alike effectively and making it as your business sytem?

What makes a business make or break?



  • Have a chat with us to figure out what systems you currently have in place, where the bottlenecks are and what you can do to improve.
  • Then we’ll tell you our suggestions and work with you to implement the plan we put in place.
  • We’re here with you every step of the way, making sure your business systems work for you.
  • We will implement strageies to improve your financial position.

With current climate is your business fool proof when it comes to reporting using software?

  • Standard reporting is probably one of the reasons why most businesses need the accounting software.  Why don’t you speak to us if you are not sure which software to choose
  • When you need a loan your business banker will usually ask you from your accountants financial statements.  You can’t wait until at the end of the year to get that information.  So when you have the right accounting system in place with your bookkeeper reconciling and updating your system every week you can just pull that out of your system with very little costs

Frequently asked questions

What are the softwares do small businesses use?

We have a few recommendations for small business owners regarding accounting softwares;
– Intuit Quickbooks Online
– Xero
– MYOB Account Right live
We work with these softwares and depending on your preferred option.

Why do I need an accounting software when my business is just a sole trader?
Yes this is a perfectly good question when you are a sole trader. We do not expect to use it. We have software option that has minimum costs and yet all your receipts, invoicing and the rest of the paper work become a history and all could be accessed from your mobile phone. When you need to send an invoice to your customer we can set it up so that you can send it to your customer right there and then when you finish your job. Give us a call if you are still not convinced.
Should I hire bookkeeper to handle my accounting software?

This is a great question. Accountants are generally too expensive to handle your bookkeeping software. So when it comes to using softwares and reconciling your accounts most business owners want to relax after a long day of work and don’t want to catch up with book work so your working day never ends. This is where we come in we will make your books ready for your accountant so when it comes to tax time you don’t need to scratch your head looking for bits and pieces of information that you need.

Also as mentioned above when you need a bank loan or an overdraft which means you are already prepared and all you need is just pull out your financial statement from your software.

How do I know that I have the right accounting software for my business?
You will know the answer to this question when you know consider different requirements for your business.

Some of the questions you should ask to yourself are does the software handle multiple accounts, online payments or can it integrate with my customer relationship management system?

Most softwares are equipped to handle payroll, annual leave, sick leave and long service leave

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