Xero Conversion

No more painful reconciliations and correcting before tax time!

How conversion can help your business growth?

Making the change is sometimes necessary for the growth of your business and basically for the simplicity.

From our experience, many accounting and bookkeeping firms tend to try the new software.  However, this have not really have gone to the length of totally adapting the new technology by embracing fully and the old processes were still used.

If you are a keen business owner and you probably be asking yourself at this point is Xero conversion worth it. Is it for me?

How many tools can you really handle on your own with keeping up in the old system and also trying out in the new system?

If you are serious about having this conversion now is the time to get the old system all up to date and complete your reconciliations.


Minimise your business disruption and Streamline your business


You can work with conversion partner such as Seamless Bookkeeping corner in order to streamline your business.

We minimise business disruption to your business during the conversion process.

Xero as a cloud accounting software is very different platform to MYOB.

If you use the same way as MYOB you won’t get much value out of it.

So that you have an amazing transformational experience, call us today to put together a collaboration plan.

Frequently asked questions

How can I covert to Xero and how can I start?

In order to convert to Xero, the balances from the previous accounting software should be entered as your opening balances.  Ideally, it should be done at the end of the financial year so you can start fresh with the opening balances tied up the old system.  

We can step you through what you will need to do in your old accounting software so your final figures are as good as audited figures.

How to learn xero accounting software

There are lots of course providers such as TAFE.  We also run Xero training courses on a customised basis. For more information, contact our office on 1300 510 807.

Why should you use Xero accounting software?

1. You will have a clear visibility of your business when things are done correctly.

2. Instant online access with advisors like us.Xero

3. No need to maintain your software by rolling from one year to another.  

4. You have everything online nothing to install just log in with user name and password just like you would to your email.  No need to have storage facility for years of your financial information on the server.  Everything is backed up automatically. 

5. No server costs and maintenance of these hardware costs.  Everything can be done from a laptop.  

How does Xero accounting software work?

If you are a business owner who want to simplify and want to have access to your financials and get hands on with it Xero just does that so skillfully. 

All that you do in MYOB is built in Xero with simplicity.  For instance, your bills and expenses, records of customers and suppliers, customisable invoices.

Plus more – you can actually create rules so that Xero can actually remember next time round so you won’t have to spend as much time as what you would have done. 

We can help you grow your business

Helping you take your business to the next level.

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